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How Do I Purchase Professional Trampoline Park Equipment?Should We Focus On Procurement Discipline?

Date:2020-10-30 12:49:54 Visit:1296

Professional trampoline parks have been opened in many places, and for this reason it is said that procurement needs are great and can normally create hundreds of billions of dollars in output. As a purchaser should understand the industry before purchasing, you should also understand how to normatively take, with the aim of purchasing equipment that is reasonably priced and playable. The following is the main introduction to the professional trampoline park equipment how to purchase? Should we focus on procurement discipline?
The text contains the following.
1. Legal and contractual compliance
2, focus on the choice of brand
3. Understanding the payment problem
4. Competitive mode of procurement

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First,Legal and contractual compliance

Professional trampoline park equipment procurement method bulk order procurement, this is the mainstream way of procurement, under normal circumstances procurement may reach tens of millions. In the face of such a large order, should be in line with the normative nature of procurement, before sending order requirements, first of all, to the legal department to enter into a contract, and at the same time and the business agreement on delivery time, product specifications, after-sales service, etc., this process is very important to one of the procurement process.

Second, focus on  the choice of brand

Today's production focus on the choice of brand manufacturers there are many, different manufacturers equipment are different in quality, it is recommended that you should buy trampoline park equipment from large manufacturers, but the price of big brands of big manufacturers will be relatively expensive, but the quality is more guaranteed and guaranteed. An unknown manufacturer is prone to cheat, product workmanship, and there is follow-up after-sales service may not be able to keep up, so the time to focus on the purchase of brand selection.

Third, understand the payment problem

Bulk purchases of professional trampoline park equipment will be paid in one lump sum, and you need to be able to constrain our ability to do so, which requires some understanding of payment issues prior to purchase. Usually, the first payment is no more than 35% of the total value of the goods, and then in different stages of production in batches, until the final completion of a one-time payment of the balance.

Fourth, competitive  mode of procurement

If the scale of procurement exceeds tens of millions of dollars, the procurement can be done through competitive bidding for fairness and to obtain more competitive equipment. It is best to have a bidding conference so that it is relatively easy to find equipment and facilities with a reasonable price/performance ratio.

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How do I procure professional trampoline park equipment? Should we focus on procurement discipline? For the professional trampoline park equipment how to purchase, and procurement of normative issues, so much for the time being, I hope investors to understand more industry insider, more goods before taking.