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How To Purchase Equipment For Trampoline Park Manufacturers? How To Choose?

Date:2020-12-12 04:15:22 Visit:1452

Trampoline park manufacturers equipment variety pang, if it is a new trampoline park, you need to make a large number of purchases, in the planning process need to consider a lot of problems really, in addition to consider the popularity of equipment, safety performance, but also need to consider the price of the problem. The following is mainly to give you a detailed introduction is how to purchase trampoline park manufacturers equipment? How to choose? Let's just let us understand it together.
The text contains the following.
1, look at the site to buy equipment
2, understand the approximate price range

3, the difficulty of equipment maintenance

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First, look at the site to buy equipment
Trampoline park investment in the end how to buy equipment, the first thing to consider is the site, the equipment needs site size varies, the same equipment different models of trampoline covers an area of different, for this reason should be carefully calculated before the purchase, it is best to let the production side to give you drawings, and then the field comparison after drawing the area, so that you can make an accurate plan. In today's super high cost of land, the size of the equipment must be considered before purchase, but also to consider the fire escape, customer rest area, etc. occupies an area.
Second, understand the approximate price range
Different trampoline park manufacturers there are differences in the difficulty of manufacturing equipment, maintenance costs are also differences, the purchase should be calculated not to overspend, for this reason, you have to understand the approximate price range before buying, such as large trampoline reached 3 × 8 meters, the price of about 150,000 yuan, the smaller the size of the price will be a little cheaper. Specific to choose which size of the game, not only to see the market heat, more in line with the budget, of course, should also be considered is the area.
Third, the difficulty of equipment maintenance

Smaller investments should generally not purchase too large trampoline equipment, and do not purchase too complex difficult to maintain the equipment, because it is difficult to recruit specialized equipment maintenance personnel, because away from the distribution point, let each other to repair is not convenient, which will appear trampoline equipment damage long-term idle, which is definitely a failed investment.

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In short, the trampoline park manufacturers a variety of equipment, in order to purchase the right equipment, you have to consider the area before buying, the price, the difficulty of maintenance, only after taking these into account, you can buy the right equipment, for this reason, before buying to consider carefully selected.