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Investment Budget for Trampoline Theme Park & Can Trampoline Park Investment Be Profitable?

Date:2023-09-07 09:56:01 Visit:219

Firstly, the investment budget for the trampoline theme park

If you want to know the specific investment situation, then it should be clear what are the main costs involved in investing in trampoline theme parks? Venue rent accounts for about 25% of all investment costs, venue decoration accounts for about 15%, and investment in trampoline equipment accounts for about 25%. In addition, it also includes daily expenses, promotion and operation, labor costs, and other hardware. After clarifying the relevant concepts of investment situation, it is also possible to know the investment budget of the trampoline park.

Secondly, the revenue channels of trampoline theme parks

Trampoline theme park in the overall operation process, it mainly includes group purchase income, group construction income, course income, activity income and commodity income, in addition to one of the most important is the ticket. Of course, now all the trampoline theme parks rely on annual cards to stabilize the early revenue situation, and the income generation situation is also very obvious.

Thirdly, the profitability of trampoline theme parks

If we divide it according to all investment ratios and know the later income channels. If the early stage marketing is appropriate, then during the opening period or within a few months after the opening, the return on investment can be achieved within six months. Adhere to effective marketing plans, continuously increase customer flow, and the revenue situation in the later stage is also very good.

If the trampoline theme park is 1000 square meters, the investment cost is approximately 1 million rmb. The trampoline theme park has an average monthly income of around 300000 rmb and an annual income of around 3 million rmb. Therefore, from this income situation, it can be seen that the trampoline park has a very high investment return rate and is also an investment project that any investor can try.

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