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Is The Indoor Trampoline Safe?

Date:2020-10-09 11:13:31 Visit:1459

The indoor trampoline looks very thrilling, but in fact the surroundings are soft and the safety is still very high, but it is recommended that everyone must have a personal safety awareness, and safety precautions should be understood more when playing indoor trampoline projects. It's really fun and fun, but there are also dangers in it. If there is no danger in it, the security agreement will not be signed, so you must understand the safety precautions. Let us take a look now. .
This article contains the following:
1. Pay attention to the direction of movement when jumping
2. Warm up must be indispensable
3. The introduction of the staff must be read clearly

4. Personal physical condition should not be concealed, and should not be aggressive

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First,pay attention to the direction of movement when jumping

Indoor trampoline is a risky competitive sport. During the exercise, you must pay attention to the direction of the bounce. For example, every time you land on the ground, you must use your legs and hands to support it. Never use your face. Land directly on the ground, otherwise it may damage the cervical spine, and the non-touchable points around it cannot be landed. Please be careful about this.

Second,warm up must be indispensable

Indoor trampoline warm-up work must be indispensable. First of all, you need to do a sufficient warm-up. Basically, the warm-up takes 20 to 30 minutes. Professional staff or professional coaches will take the tourists to do this warm-up. If there is no warm-up, then It is indeed inappropriate and unsafe to directly participate in this exercise. This requires careful attention.

Third,the introduction of the staff must be read clearly

The staff's introduction must be read clearly. The staff will tell you which places are not accessible, and the staff will also tell you what are the safety precautions. These things must be read clearly, otherwise there may be many problems.

Fourth,one’s physical condition cannot be concealed and cannot be aggressive

Personal physical condition cannot be concealed. To play in indoor trampoline venues, you basically have to sign a safety agreement. Then you must understand your personal physical condition for personal safety precautions, such as cervical spondylosis or severe heart disease. People with illnesses or lumbar spine diseases are not allowed to play, and must not be aggressive or concealed.

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Indoor trampoline is a very meaningful exercise, which can exercise muscle coordination and increase lung capacity. Pay attention to safety is also the key.