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The Common Point Of Good Business Trampoline Park

Date:2020-02-28 02:35:26 Visit:1745

With the economic development, the children's playground market is at the peak stage of rapid development. Doing a good job of children's playground business is what operators expect. The author visited hundreds of indoor children's playgrounds and asked them about their experiences. In general, if they want to have a good business, they can do more with less.

Safe and high-quality equipment

For children's park, the safety of children is the most important. Only high-quality amusement equipment and standardized park measures can ensure the safety of children's play. In addition, cheap equipment not only increases the maintenance cost of the park, but also brings hidden safety hazards in the process of operation.

Because the children's park is bustling and prone to friction and accidents, the operators should also ensure safety during play, so that parents can rest assured to bring their children into the park, thus driving the park's popularity and wealth. Therefore, in terms of hardware, the park operator must purchase high-quality equipment, and then consider its novelty and playability, and cannot only pursue cheap products.

Professional quality service

Good products are the hard power of children's playground, and good service is the key to improving the competitiveness of children's playground. Prior to the opening of the park, recruiting affable, responsible, and early childhood salespersons is a prerequisite for improving quality services. Secondly, do professional training, such as appearance and appearance, product inspection, service attitude and related professional operation knowledge. In short, good service should be centered on the needs of customers and meet the needs of customers. Customers will naturally come to your store to spend more frequently.

By organizing different types of activities, it can increase the income of the park and increase the stickiness of customers. It also provides parents with a better platform or environment to record their children's growth, and can more effectively promote the image of the park.


How to let more customers know about our paradise and come and experience, in addition to the regular WeChat circle of friends, leaflets and promotion on some online platforms, the promotion of industry alliances is also a good way, such as buying children's clothing at children's clothing stores Customers at the Children's Paradise will receive free experience discounts (or discounts); customers who spend at the Children's Paradise will receive discounts at children's restaurants.

Differentiated Member Management

Membership is by far the most profitable way for children's playgrounds in China. At present, major children's playground stores use a membership system to manage their members.

With the continuous increase of members, we need to classify members and carry out differentiated management: According to the 28 principle, find out the members with a high proportion of consumption, provide personalized services and special priority treatment. For high-value members, implement "one to one" service marketing as much as possible.