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Trampoline Includes Items And Benefits

Date:2020-05-16 11:41:42 Visit:1609

The trampoline was originally a gymnastic event, and later developed into a competitive sport. It was called aerial ballet by professionals. This sports equipment has been loved by minors and young people. It has been serving the entertainment and sports

fields  since the 19th century. There are many trampoline series with diversified connotations, which can provide various benefits to the human body.


First, trampoline series

    Nowadays, there are not only children's equipment, but also young people's equipment, fancy equipment, bungee series, and the actions include front flip, front flip, side flip, back flip, back flip, side flip, and side flip. There is no specific action rule for the project .

Second, the benefits of the sport

    In response to the characteristics of children who love to jump and jump, the exciting game project can develop calf muscles to provide sensory integration training for children to achieve better physical coordination. For young women who are easily obese, it can enhance metabolism and improve blood supply to the heart Ability to make the skin more delicate and smooth, while achieving weight loss.

Third, equipment and facilities

    Since the trampoline project is relatively irritating and carries certain risks, in order to avoid accidents, any project will emphasize the cooperation of hardware and software. At present, the structure of the trampoline is mainly composed of a metal structure and PVC material. In addition, under the trampoline There is a layer of cushions or inflatable cushions to prevent accidents. The project provider will apply to the insurance agency for commercial insurance to prevent personal accidents.

Fourth, product production

    In order to meet the safety and health standards, China has formulated national standards for such entertainment facilities. Manufacturers of all sizes must produce products that meet the specifications and pass the acceptance. Due to the huge market, there are many manufacturers, and it takes 5 steps to circulate the market. After purchasing the product, the management also needs to issue an authoritative report or issue a certificate to the local fire department, epidemic prevention department and equipment and facility inspection department before they can start business.


Fifth, market potential

    China has a huge population base, and minors and young people are very fond of this kind of project. In the past, the project was opened near the main large shopping malls and supermarkets, but now it is gradually spreading to the periphery of all the communities. The market potential is huge.
There are many trampoline series and a wide range of options. It has also prompted more funds to move towards this field. In the past few years, there have been hundreds of thousands of additional equipment facilities in children's parks across the country. The growth rate will continue to expand in the future. This is to be expected, the project has become a beautiful memory of many children growing up.