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What Are The Advantages Of "NOOB" Venture Capital Indoor Playground?

Date:2022-04-28 03:31:49 Visit:901

    More and more people are not satisfied with the current salary and want to invest in a certain industry. After all, they can make more money in a limited time. Many people will choose the playground. After all, its advantages are very obvious.

   As we all know, the operation of the real economy has been hit hard in the past two years, but under the appearance of this shock, there are still many industries that are in full swing, and this industry is undoubtedly the playground industry. What about the advantage?

First, the playground investment cost is low

  In different cities, the amount of investment in such playgrounds varies greatly. If it is a second-tier city or a third-tier city, to build an indoor playground of about 200 square meters, it may only cost about 200,000 RMB. , you can fully invest, and it takes about 3 months to pay back the capital. After all, there are many cases where the membership can be repaid by applying for a card during the opening period in the early stage.

Second, the increase in demand for indoor playgrounds

With the educational idea of "Education Through Fun" taking root in the minds of every parent, when children have time and parents have time, the first consideration must be to take children out to play. And any time without restriction is undoubtedly an indoor playground, which has become the general recognition of parents and the place with the most traffic.

Third, the operating cost of indoor playgrounds is low

Most indoor playgrounds, while focusing on service, will also choose the number of staff according to the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, it may be two to three people, enough to support the normal operation of an indoor children's playground of 200 square meters. In terms of labor costs, the monthly expenses are very small, and he is a once-and-for-all investment industry, and does not need to increase any investment in the later stage. After the amusement equipment is purchased, it can be used all the time.


   The advantages of indoor playground investment are not only the above, whether it is from macro-control or related economic promotion, the children's amusement industry is undoubtedly a sunrise industry, an industry that can recover quickly, and a quick return after investment. It is also an industry in which you can make money all the time after you invest once.

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