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What Are The Issues Related To The Effectiveness Of Store Operations?

Date:2020-06-13 10:27:21 Visit:1553

What to do if you want to seize the market, of course, use all kinds of means to increase influence and increase the probability of customer flow to the store. The trampoline hall is one of the current hot entrepreneurial projects. Of course, the competition is extremely cruel, and it should be It should be noted that investing in this project should fully understand the trampoline park trampoline size and other related information, and should be cautious when buying equipment, rationally choose the current popular, entertainment projects that people like more, and should also determine their target customer groups Situation, rationally carry out various promotional activities.
Main contents of this article:
1. Equipment quality problems
2. Space venue standard

3. Equipment security


Equipment quality problems

Safety issues are not only related to whether the player can play with peace of mind, but also to whether the operation of the physical store can be carried out normally. Therefore, the quality of the equipment is very important. It is necessary to select products that meet the national safety regulations in regular manufacturers. The size of the trampoline in the trampoline park is strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations. Although there are certain differences in the form of entertainment and appearance design, is the safety flexible packaging in place, is the fixed steel frame with sufficient carrying capacity, etc. are very Important safety standards.

Space standard

The operator needs to understand the size of the trampoline in the trampoline park because the location needs to be combined with the size and space, especially the height requirements of the trampoline stadium are strict. The height standard for adult trampolines is 5.2 meters and the height for children is The standard should be more than 4 meters. This is to ensure that each player can jump while playing, without being affected by the height, and choose the appropriate venue according to their economic ability in terms of area, but it is generally not recommended. The benefit is 500 square meters, otherwise the equipment placement will be affected.

Equipment security

Wanting to accumulate more popularity in their own storefront is something that every operator has always cared about. Knowing the size of the trampoline park trampoline can be a good location, of course, it can also be reasonably promoted and promoted according to the situation of the storefront address. It is important to know that consumers of different ages have different perceptions and abilities in entertainment and sports. There is also a big gap in the ability to control and master entertainment facilities. In this case, it must be based on customer preferences. Determine the location of the store and don't blindly install entertainment equipment.


Everyone's business is different, and everyone's understanding of the market concept and service concept is also very different. Under such circumstances, you should gradually improve yourself, enrich yourself more, and naturally be able to serve consumers better. Win more profitable returns by yourself.