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What You Didn't Know About Trampoline Sports!

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   Trampoline is a competitive sport in which athletes perform acrobatic skills by bouncing off the trampoline. It belongs to a type of gymnastics. Trampoline is known as "air ballet". In the 27th Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, trampoline was listed as an official event. Trampoline is also the name of sports equipment.

    Next, let's take a look at the entertainment of trampoline and the benefits of trampoline exercise.

Trampoline is mainly divided into: free bounce area, sponge pool, slam dunk area, dodgeball area and other areas.

Free bounce area

   In the free bounce zone, we can get in shape, lose weight, relieve stress, and more. According to expert research, 5 minutes of exercise on a trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of calorie consumption on a treadmill, so for many friends who need to get fit, lose weight, and people who have been in a sub-healthy state for a long time, trampoline exercise is very important for them. Good choice. Long-term trampoline exercise helps to promote metabolism, improve and improve fat oxidation, and prevent and reduce obesity symptoms.


Sponge pool

   Jumping up, flipping in the air, and falling into the sponge pool are the cool expressions of trampoline athletes. Let you fully enjoy the excitement and excitement of falling into the sponge pool.


Slam dunk

   I envy the slam dunks of players in basketball games and desire to become a slam dunk master! In the trampoline slam dunk area, use the rebound of the trampoline to jump up and throw the ball into the basket handsomely, making you an instant slam dunk master!


Dodgeball area

   The perfect combination of dodgeball, which is popular abroad, and the rebound of trampoline, is a form of trampoline sports that combines fun, cooperation and competition.

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