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What Are The Risks Of Trampoline Park Sports?

Date:2022-08-22 02:50:37 Visit:535

   We all know the benefits of going to the trampoline gym. Exercising in the trampoline gym is half the fitness effect of our usual jogging and burns more calories. But many customers I believe should have little contact and understanding of the safety risks of trampoline sports.


   First of all, before entering the trampoline area, please remove all sharp objects such as jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings, glasses, etc.; girls need to tie their hair with elastic bands (do not use hairpins), and it is strictly forbidden to put fragile objects such as glass , All kinds of containers, beverage bottles, wooden sticks, sharp objects and similar items are brought into the trampoline to avoid loss, damage or injury to yourself or others during exercise; and it is strictly forbidden to carry controlled knives, inflammable, explosive and corrosive items Items that may endanger the public safety of the venue and are prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations enter the trampoline.

   Secondly, please do not bring valuables such as mobile phone wallets into the trampoline area. The venue does not assume any responsibility for the loss due to poor custody of the customer.

   In addition. Muscle sprains, soft tissue contusions, etc. may occur during exercise. Please warm up fully before exercising, and pay attention to the height and safety of yourself during the jumping process, and do not try dangerous fancy moves. Fancy movements such as tossing are dangerous. The user must have sufficient skill to perform these actions to avoid harming themselves or others, and all at their own risk. And during the trampoline park exercise, it is necessary to understand the common safety injuries: fractures, concussions and other head injuries, sprains and strains, and other head and neck injuries. 


    Many trampoline injuries occur when more than one person uses the trampoline together. Children should pay attention to safety when doing this, such as: wrong landing when jumping, wrong landing when flipping and somersaults, trying difficult maneuvers, being bumped or bumped by another person, landing on springs and Trampoline frame classy.

    So if you go to the trampoline gym, it is recommended that you should listen to some safety precautions for the trampoline gym exercise when you go in for fitness and play, so that you will know clearly when you go to the trampoline gym to exercise. What needs to be done is to avoid all possible occurrences, and not only can achieve fitness activities, but also avoid dangerous occurrences.

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