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How To Assess Trampoline Park Safety?

Date:2022-08-29 03:17:08 Visit:713

 Trampoline is the children's exercise for balance, coordination, exercise, weight loss, exercise children's exercise, weight loss, exercise children's love, after being widely used by them to summarize valuable experience: the safe choice is trampoline First consideration!

How do we assess the safety of beds when operating in a trampoline park?

1.There are several important factors to consider for the safety of a trampoline park:

Is there an exposed trampoline frame: A rigid metal frame is one of the biggest dangers for jumpers, and impacts can result in serious fractures, scratches, skull injuries, and more!

     2. Whether the protective pad is sufficient: The inferior protective pad will start to wear, deform, tear after being hit several times, and will seriously lose its ability to absorb the impact.

3. Whether the spring is deformed: The deformed spring will produce bumpy elasticity, which will sometimes hurt the jumper even under the protection of the protective pad.


Trampolines are made of many parts that must be specially tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. The thickness of the trampoline frame steel material determines the weight of the trampoline and whether it is more solid and durable. The quality and strength of the steel materials selected by Liben Group have strict standards. The protective net is made of high-strength polypropylene material and is made of lock suture weaving method. If a sharp object cuts through the protective net, the hole in the protective net will not spread or expand or tear. The spring of the trampoline is very important. In addition to the spring made of manganese steel, Liben Group also has better quality piano wire springs.

Buying a Trampoline: Safety First! Therefore, safety, durability and comfort are the key considerations when purchasing a trampoline. The quality of safety, durability and comfort depends on the structure, craftsmanship and materials of the trampoline, which determine the cost and market price of the trampoline.

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