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What's The Difference Between Baking Varnish And Spray Painting For Amusement Equipment?

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     The baking varnish process of amusement equipment is more complicated than spray painting. Painting is to grind woolen cloth on the basic material of the amusement equipment, then paint on it, and then dry it naturally; For baking varnish , several coats of primer shall be applied to the basic materials, and after final painting, the paint shall be sent to the dust-free constant temperature baking room for baking. The paint film baked on the amusement equipment has a fuller color than the paint film painted, and the corners are smoother. The color difference between the corners and the panel is not too big as that of the paint.

     The pattern of the baked in paint door panel is similar to that of the painted door panel. It has a pattern and does not appear orange peel. Hit the baking varnish surface with a hard object, and generally the paint film will not crack, or even drop.

     The quality oriented amusement equipment manufacturers also spray paint in the paint baking room. The external air is filtered by the primary filter screen and then sent to the roof of the paint baking room by the fan. Then it is filtered and purified by the top filter screen for the second time before entering the room. The air in the room is of full drop type, flowing downward at a speed of 0.2-0.3m/s, so that the paint mist particles after painting can not stay in the air, but can be directly discharged out of the room through the bottom air outlet. In this way, the air cleanliness in the paint baking room can reach more than 98% when painting, and the air supplied has a certain pressure, which can form a constant air flow around to remove excessive paint, so as to maximize the quality of painting.

     The reason why the paint baking of the amusement equipment is better than the paint spraying depends on its working principle and steps. When baking, turn the damper to the paint baking position, and the hot air circulates. The temperature in the baking room quickly rises to the predetermined drying temperature. After the external fresh air is initially filtered by the fan, it is sent to the air chamber at the top of the paint baking room after heat exchange with the heat energy converter. After the second filtration and purification, the hot air flows through the internal circulation of the damper. In addition to absorbing a small amount of fresh air, most of the hot air is continuously heated and used, making the temperature in the paint baking room gradually rise. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner will stop automatically; When the temperature drops to the set temperature, the fan and burner will automatically turn on to keep the temperature in the paint baking room relatively constant. Finally, when the baking time reaches the set time, the baking room will automatically shut down and the baking is over.

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