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Indoor Excercise Trampoline Real Project Information In Mexico

Indoor excercise trampoline real project information in Mexico which is newly built by Liben.

Liben Project in Mexico ---Exercise Trampoline Park

Liben built a new exercise trampoline for a customer from Mexico and this exercise trampoline park is for an independent indoor exercise trampoline park.This exercise trampoline park built in Sept 2015 and the delivery time is about 1.5month. The shipping volume of this exercise trampoline is about 136CBM and it takes about 1 month to Mexico.The customer hire 5 installer and one professional installer from Liben to install this exercise trampoline.

Below is the design drawing of the exercise trampoline park.

Indoor exercise trampoline design drawing

This indoor exercise trampoline park can occupy about 100 players at one time.Customer is quite satisfied with the quality of this exercise trampoline and the newly built exercise trampoline attracts many players after the opening. Nowadays people pay more attention to play and health, so the exercise trampoline can help people play together with the family and can do a lot of the exercise trampoline.To built an exercise trampoline park like this you should have a building which is at least 15000sqft.

Exercise trampoline park

Real pictures of indoor exercise trampoline park and some video of the indoor exercise trampoline.

Real picture of exercise trampoline

This indoor exercise trampoline park included dodgeball, basketball hoops,free jumping area and foam pit. The jumpers can doing the exercise trampoline and can play dodgeball , slum dunk on it.

The customer choose all green pad and the installation time for this one is about 20 days with 1 professional installer from Liben and 5 local installer to install this exercise trampoline.

This indoor exercise trampoline park also include an indoor playground and can many toddlers and small kids under 12 year old can play in the exercise trampoline and indoor playground.

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