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Inside London's first trampoline park

Date:2015-07-22 10:27:27 Visit:2444

Gazing upon a warehouse completely packed with connected trampolines is, in itself, quite a rush. Looking out over 3,000 square feet of springs and taut polypropylene, expect to feel the same giddy thrill you felt the first time you stepped foot inside a truly gigantic toy shop -- a sense of boundless possibility, and intense urgency.

Ten minutes later, my CNET colleague Andrew Hoyle and I have remembered that we are, in fact, adults. Our bones hurt and our lungs are on fire, trying desperately to re-oxygenate bodies that haven't experienced so much vertical motion in at least a decade. A trip to Acton's Oxygen Freejumping, London's first trampoline park, is a sobering reminder of the effects of age. But it's also a great deal of fun.

Touring the park, which comprises 150 connected trampolines and officially opens on Monday 20 July, it's clear that a lot of work has gone into exploiting the potential of the humble trampoline. There's a trampoline dodgeball court, basketball nets at the ends of trampolines for extravagant dunking, a room-sized airbag to dive into, and the coup de grace -- an encircling ring of angled trampolines for literally bouncing off the walls.

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