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Conditions And Procedures For Joining Trampoline Park

Date:2023-08-03 09:31:06 Visit:179

    Jumping parks have become a popular project, attracting more people's attention to this emerging industry. They hope to invest in trampoline parks before the market is fully saturated. So, what is the specific process of joining an indoor trampoline park theme park and becoming a franchisee?

1.The conditions for joining a trampoline park

    Before joining, it is necessary to have sufficient funds to invest in the project. Investments always come with risks and profit potential, so it is important to approach it with a realistic mindset. When joining a brand, it is crucial to align with the brand's overall style and have a suitable location to open a trampoline park, either through leasing or owning one.

2.The process of joining a trampoline park

    First, consult and understand the background and future development direction of the trampoline park. Then, fill out the franchise intent form and negotiate relevant franchise terms. Second, provide three to four potential locations, which will be evaluated by professionals during site visits to determine the suitability. Once the locations are confirmed, the franchisee will sign the relevant agreement and begin recruiting and training staff. Finally, based on the provided decoration drawings, the franchisee can start the decoration process with on-site guidance from a professional designer. Normally, the opening cycle takes about two months, during which all necessary processes should be handled.

3.Franchise costs of a trampoline park

    The cost of joining a trampoline park varies depending on multiple factors. The investment cost is directly related to venue decoration and the brand itself. The size and level of decoration of the trampoline park also play a role in determining the final investment amount.