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Investment Benefit Analysis Of Trampoline Park

Date:2023-08-02 09:54:44 Visit:248

In recent years, with the emergence and development of trampoline parks, more and more investors began to pay attention to the profitability of trampoline parks. Various cities continue to open new trampoline projects, whether it is a first-tier city, a second-tier city or a small county have such a trampoline park, then the specific benefits of trampoline park investment is what?

1.The early investment of the trampoline park

   When the trampoline park is invested, it mainly includes several aspects, including venue rental costs, the cost of purchasing trampoline equipment and the renovation costs of the entire venue. Trampoline equipment grade, trampoline park decoration situation is different, the site area size is the same, trampoline park opened in the city, will affect the trampoline park investment situation.

2.The late profit of the trampoline park

   In the process of the overall operation of the trampoline park, his ticket income mainly includes several aspects, such as sub-cards, annual cards or some VIP activity cards. In the face of different cities, its final pricing will also have a certain difference, so we must ultimately determine whether the consumption of the trampoline park can meet the needs of the current people according to the actual situation, do not price too high, resulting in a small flow of people, not too low, pull down the grade of the trampoline park.

3.The rate of return of trampoline parks
   Once you understand the trampoline park project, you will find that its overall return is very high. The early investment is about 100,000 yuan, and the later period only needs to pay for artificial water and electricity costs, so all the income is profitable. Therefore, once all the activities are properly promoted during the opening period, it will be able to return the cost within one month or two months of opening, and all the revenues will be generated in the later period.
   Trampoline park is a one-time investment in the overall investment method, as long as the investor can make a clear judgment on the entire investment plan and control the risk coefficient of trampoline park investment. Then, after the project is established, it does not require any subsequent investment, and he can obtain stable returns. It can be seen that the overall investment benefit of such a trampoline park has a very obvious advantage after a comprehensive analysis.