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Crazy Slide - A Slide That Both Parents And Children Can Play

Date:2022-10-24 02:44:24 Visit:517

    Nowadays, all kinds of slides can be seen everywhere, indoors and outdoors, but in the past few years, it was rare to see which slides allowed parents and children to play together. But now it is different, the children's toy industry is developing more and more rapidly. Last year, the word crazy slide became popular. This is a slide that allows parents to accompany their children to play at the same time. It is also a slide that children may have the courage to play, but parents dare not play. Why do you say this?

    Now the post-80s generation in the family has become the mainstay of society. However, the parents at that time were not as lucky as their children, neither did they have such rich and interesting children's amusement facilities to play, nor did they have the spending power to play the luxury of that era. It can be said that there may be many parents who have never played slides or have never seen them before. Slides are unfamiliar to them, but children are very happy and full of laughter when they play. They may have never experienced the feeling of sliding down a slide, nor have they had the opportunity to try it, and now they are no longer children, so there is no such idea.

    The other one is that the 90-degree crazy slide is indeed a bit scary, high and straight, and sliding down from it is like a vertical free fall. Most people are afraid to play, let alone parents who have never played slides? At this time, brave children are needed to cheer their parents up! When parents bravely try to slide down the crazy slide, they will find out why their children like it so much, and they will admire their bravery, and the children and their parents play together, which invisibly narrows the distance between them. Because parents of this age are working hard for good living conditions for their families, they rarely have time to accompany their children. Children spend most of their time with their grandparents, and their relationship with their parents may not be so intimate. Parents are on vacation, and there is just such an opportunity to enhance the relationship between parents and children. I think both parents and children will fall in love with the crazy slide!

    I heard such a tourist mention the crazy slide, saying that she played a simple slide when she was a child, but it was the first time I saw such a scary crazy slide. When she mustered up the courage to try it, she carefully sat down to the height of the slide, which was more than 7 meters high, and she dared not open her eyes when she looked down from the top. She crossed her hands on her chest as the instructor asked her, feeling very nervous, feeling that she had lost the fearlessness and adventurous spirit of her childhood. Take a few deep breaths to adjust your mood, sit down, count 1, 2, 3 silently in your heart, and when you slide down, the whole person is like an eagle swooping down from a snowy mountain top. The sound of the wind whistling in my ears, as if returning to the unscrupulous childhood in an instant. The moment of falling down is actually full of joy and a feeling of unfinished business. No wonder children like to play the crazy slide so much!

     Although slides are mainly children's toys, this crazy slide that parents and children can play with is a very meaningful children's amusement facility for us adults. The crazy's Slide not only allows parents to find the missing happy childhood, but more importantly, it provides a good opportunity for parents and children to cultivate feelings!


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