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Why Are Trampoline Parks So Popular Among Adults And Children?

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   Why are trampoline parks so popular among adults and children? Because it allows you to get up in the air, rotate and move around, become a trapeze in seconds, and become a master slam dunk quickly, which can give people a kind of flying and elegant enjoyment, and adults and children can jump with joy.


   The trampoline park is different from the gym and indoor playground. It is the most suitable fitness park for the whole family. Because the trampoline park not only has a trampoline area designed for children, but also a trampoline slam dunk area suitable for adults, stimulating experience projects, etc., as well as trampoline fat reduction exercises that are popular among women. We can entertain ourselves, compete with many people, and interact with parents and children. We can finally play games with Dad and Mommy.

Liben Group simply gives you a few tips for  playground park

1. Who is the trampoline park suitable for?

   Children from 3 years old and adults can play. The skeletal development of children over 3 years old has tended to be normal, and the jumping is done with the help of a trampoline. As long as the correct posture is used under normal exercise intensity, it will not cause harm to the body. At the same time, it allows the participants to experience the jumping experience. pleasure.


2. What are the health benefits of trampoline exercise?

The resilience of trampoline equipment can promote bone growth, and can give full play to the coordination and balance of multiple parts of the body. For adults, 10 minutes of trampoline exercise is equivalent to 30 minutes of running on the treadmill, which is definitely a good way to exercise.

3.What is the difference between the trampoline in the regular trampoline park and the inflatable trampoline in the playground?

   There are many inflatable trampolines on the market for children to play, why spend several times more money in a trampoline gym? The biggest difference is the experience and the level of safety. Due to the difference in material and structure, the trampoline in the regular trampoline park gives players a much better experience than the inflatable trampoline in the playground. In addition, the gas of the inflatable trampoline is unstable, and there is the possibility of explosion or gas leakage. The trampoline surface in the trampoline hall is made of professional materials, and the bottom is fixed, with strong elasticity and good comfort and stability. Neither adults nor children are easily injured.

What to look out for in a trampoline park?

1),For players who experience trampoline for the first time, the movement range should not be too large. After jumping on the trampoline, try to jump several times to find the center of gravity;

2), fully move all joints before exercising; 

3), when falling, pay attention to bend your knees and not fall straight to avoid knee injury;

4), do not try to do movements beyond your ability without the guidance of a professional coach; 5), it is best not to try trampoline sports for patients with heart, knee and lumbar diseases.

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