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What Are The Procedures For Opening A Trampoline Park?

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    Trampoline has been included in the Olympic Games, and trampoline is well known. Based on trampoline and combined with various amusement equipment, a trampoline park integrating entertainment, fitness and sports was born. With the upsurge of national fitness, trampoline is becoming more and more popular.

    The rise of various trampoline parks, training halls and trampoline halls has enabled people to have a deeper understanding and understanding of trampoline. The trampoline craze caused by dithering has made trampoline parks enter a hot investment period. For many people who want to invest in trampoline halls, what are the processes and procedures required to open a trampoline park? You will understand after reading this article.

1Preliminary market research

    The site selection of the trampoline park plays a vital role in the later stage of operation. Invest in opening a trampoline hall, and the venue should be located with its own flow. For example, the venue should be in a shopping mall (such as a children's mall), and nearby large supermarkets, gymnasiums, kindergartens, park communities, and commercial street corners. This kind of place will have a large flow of people, and the population near the venues, such as dense residential areas and schools. The trampoline of large factory buildings can be located slightly, which is convenient for drivers to play and park in the past.

Make accurate crowd positioning according to the proportion of crowd structure around the venue. If there are many children around you, enrich more park projects suitable for children in the project settings; If there are too many adults in the surrounding population structure, you can choose to expand projects suitable for adults, such as hurdle breaking, rock climbing wall, trampoline slam dunk, etc; Or consider adults and children comprehensively, and set up functional areas in the trampoline hall for two groups of people.

    The population, economic level, income level, consumption capacity around the business circle, the operation of other competitors around the site, and where their own advantages are, all need to be considered before selecting the site.


2Determine the site and sign the lease contract

    For the trampoline park, in addition to choosing a good location, you should also consider these:

a. The floor height of the site (the clear height from the beam to the ground) should preferably be more than 5.2m, or at least 4.5m. Of course, the higher the floor height, the better. You can choose projects with high requirements on the floor such as the Internet Red Amusement Facility - Devil's Slide or indoor dry land skiing to facilitate the upgrading and reconstruction of the trampoline park in the future.

b. Site floor and columns. The ground of the site needs to be flat, well ventilated and with as few columns as possible. Try to avoid irregular or many column venues, which will affect the design planning, site utilization and customer experience of your trampoline hall.

c. Venue location. The venue shall not be underground, semi underground or more than three floors, and there are multiple fire passages for access, so as to avoid failing to pass the fire approval in the later stage.

d. Fire fighting. There should be at least two emergency exits on the site, and it is better to have an independent entrance. When the shopping mall is a high-rise building, an independent entrance must be set up. The site must have a 1.5m to 1.8m safe passage, and keep the evacuation passage unobstructed. Fire protection requirements vary from place to place, and local fire protection requirements need to be consulted.

    The trampoline park should be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire emergency lights and evacuation signs.

After you have determined your investment intention based on the analysis of the above four points, you can sign the venue rental contract.

Because the construction period of trampoline park is long, the leaser is required to give a certain rent free period when signing a lease agreement with the mall or shopping center.

3Consulting and handling relevant procedures of trampoline hall

     For example: business procedures, fire control review procedures, etc.

Warm reminder: In addition to the traditional registration type of children's entertainment industry, trampoline venues can also try to register as sports culture, which may enjoy certain national policies (this needs to be based on the local actual situation).

4Select trampoline manufacturers and provide site drawings

    The equipment of the trampoline park is the core of the whole trampoline hall, so we must be careful in selecting trampoline manufacturers and shop around. The customer's safety is the cornerstone of the venue's survival. The venue focuses on product quality, safety and workmanship quality. The service life is related to the equipment replacement in the later period. Failure to meet the quality standards will increase the replacement costs in the later period.

After the trampoline park manufacturer is determined, send the detailed information of your site to the manufacturer. (Site information: site size (CAD), entrance and exit instructions, floor height, and actual view) Try to use cad files. If not, you can draw a copy by yourself.

5Determine trampoline project and planning scheme

    There are many interesting functional projects in the trampoline park, such as Spiderman, professional trampoline, devil slide, web spider tower, sponge pool, rock climbing, dry snow, basketball area, etc. You can choose the projects you are interested in. Our designers will make reasonable planning and design according to customer needs and site conditions.

6、Confirm the planning and design drawings and prices

     After the confirmation of the trampoline venue planning and design, we will give a preliminary quotation according to your project list, and then discuss the price and delivery date.

7Sign the contract

     Because each customer's venue information is unique, the trampoline industry is a non-standard customized product. It is also a normal industry rule to charge a certain proportion of deposit for customized products. At this stage, it is necessary to carefully confirm the renderings, production delivery dates and cooperation details.

8The manufacturer makes production according to the contract

    The trampoline manufacturer will arrange production and ensure delivery date according to production capacity.

9Pay the remaining balance and the manufacturer will deliver the goods

    The current business model of trampoline industry is to pay off the remaining balance before delivery. After receiving the payment, the finance department will notify the delivery. All processes from order placement to production to delivery need to be reviewed by erp. Therefore, you need to pay off the balance before delivery, and the manufacturer will transport the products to the site.

10Equipment installation and commissioning, ready for opening

    The manufacturer will arrange a professional installation team to guide the installation of products online after the arrival of goods. It is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer in advance about relevant preparations. After the installation and commissioning of products are completed, a good day will be chosen for the opening.

Choose Liben Group to provide you with professional high-end design and one-stop nanny support, one-stop service and guidance from the early site selection proposal, design planning, site decoration, to the later installation, after-sales, opening publicity, operation guidance, etc., to ensure that every investor's store operation is profitable.


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