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Is The Zip Line Of The Trampoline Park Project Safe?

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    Are ziplines safe? As one of the most popular indoor and outdoor amusement equipment, high zipline has always attracted customers as a novel project with unique stimulation. However, before it is put into use, strict safety operation precautions need to be formulated to avoid There are various safety problems in the use of ziplines, because ziplines generally have a certain distance from the ground, so the safety of ziplines is the primary concern of tourists, whether it is people or projects, Routine maintenance is required to extend its service life, normal operation ability and project safety, especially amusement equipment, which is used for a long time and wears out the wearing parts for a long time, it must be maintained and inspected regularly, and strive to minimize safety hazards, so The daily maintenance of the high-altitude zip line is a problem that investors must consider first.

    The high zipline project must first ensure that the employees who operate the zipline have undergone strict pre-job training to cultivate professional safety protection capabilities. The on-the-job personnel must be proficient in the product knowledge and operating skills of the high-altitude zipline and emergency response capabilities.Able to communicate the safety instructions in place before a safety accident occurs, and calmly choose a solution after the accident occursSecondly, investors need to post and broadcast safety instructions to convey to tourists the rules of the amusement project and related precautions in detail,Strictly screen the tourists. According to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, guide the tourists to sit correctly, one person at a time, fasten the seat belt, check the safety lock, indicate the standard posture, maintain the play order of the zipline equipment, and discourage tourists from approaching Security fence.


   The high-altitude zip line should be checked in advance before daily operation, because the material of the high-altitude zip line is usually made of high-strength chemical materials such as synthetic fiber rope, hemp rope or steel wire rope.This material has a certain degree of damage resistance, so before the daily use of the high-altitude zip line, it must be inspected as a whole. Only when it is normal can it operate normally and welcome guests to play.


    Due to the high usage rate of the high-altitude zip line, it is necessary to formulate an inspection cycle to ensure that the seat belts are routinely inspected every six months to prevent accidents. It is necessary to ensure that there is enough strength to withstand the impact when the human body falls force and can prevent the human body from falling to a certain limit that can cause injury. Only by ensuring that the safety belt of the zipline is firm can the danger be minimized


    The high-altitude zip line is a challenging, stimulating and entertaining modern sports amusement project. Tourists can cross various terrains and landforms and slide down from the acceleration of gravity formed by falling from a high place with the help of height difference. Feel the excitement and satisfaction in the joy of danger, so any project has a little safety hazard, but as long as the prevention and warning work is done well, there will be no major problems, and you can still play happily.

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