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Indoor Play Space

Is it good to invest in an indoor play space?
There are many people investing in indoor play space. Is it good to invest in indoor play space? Is it easy to operate? How to choose the playground equipment site?

Liben Castle Theme Children Indoor Playground

The popularity of the newly opened children indoor playground is relatively low. No one knows that the indoor playground will lead to no passenger flow, so it can't be operated. So the first thing we need to do for running a new children indoor playground is to vigorously promote it, so that customers can know, see and know it, and then come to consume. Operators can do both online and offline promotion.

The newly opened children indoor playground don’t have loyal customers, so it is very important for the newly opened park to establish a customer database and cultivate loyal customers. Operators can conduct publicity by holding activities in the park, and collect and establish basic information for customers when they come to play. Such as: mailing address, whatsapp, mobile phone number, etc., which is convenient for customers to be notified in the first time when they hold holiday promotion activities in the park in the future, and for customers to send or whatsapp to issue vouchers, etc. In this way, we can establish close contact with customers to achieve the purpose of publicity; secondly, we can stimulate customers to come to consume, so as to further cultivate them to become loyal customers of the park.

Item No.:5.LE.T6.608.273.05

Theme: Ocean Theme

Product Size:2500*1500*620CM

2. Galvanized Steel,Dia:48mm;

3. Pipe Thickness: 2 mm;

4. PE netting;

5. EVA floor carpet.

Age Range: 3-12 years old

Capacity: 100-120 kids

Apply to: schools, residential community, shopping malls, commercial parks, etc.

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