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kid's entertainment large trampoline park

Our trampoline park is the perfect place for kids to have fun, burn off energy and stay active while enjoying a unique, immersive experience.With our professionally designed custom layouts and installations, each and every trampoline, foam pit, and obstacle in our park is designed to keep kids engaged, active, and constantly bouncing. Our trampoline park offers a variety of activities, including free jump areas, foam pits, dodgeball, basketball, and more.

kid's entertainment large trampoline park

It is difficult to tell you directly how much it costs through numbers. The price is up to the design and production requirements, So, here will also give you an approximate cost budget analysis of trampoline park investment.To calculate the accurate budget cost of Indoor Trampoline Park  For  Kid, we must proceed from the following three aspects.

Liben Custom Theme Indoor Soft Play Park

Item No.:5.LE.B8.706.263.03

Theme:  Custom Theme

Product Size:40800*28900*6000

1. Plastic part:LLDPE

2. Galvanized Steel,Dia:48mm;

3. Pipe Thickness: 2 mm;

4. PE netting;

5. EVA floor carpet.

Age Range: above  6 years old

Capacity:  150-170

Apply to: schools, residential community, shopping malls, commercial parks, etc.

Our Projects around the World

Liben is the first batch factories to do trampoline park business in China. After 10 years experience, we become the leader in the industry and built over 800 projects in more than 70 countries.

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1. What service does Liben offer for creating indoor trampoline park? 

Answer: Liben is not only a indoor park manufacturer but also your park consultant. Apart from manufacturing trampoline equipment, we offer free 3D design, business plan advice, franchise opportunity,Park Decoration,Park Operation System, Staff Training ,installation, aftersales, etc. as well. 

2. What will my park cost to fit out? Or what cost should be included in my budget?

Answer:The cost of trampoline is based on the indoor trampoline park design, but we may offer an estimate for you. And you will then have additional costs for your ancillary areas (lockers, reception, café, toilets etc.), decoration such as wall art, marketing plan such advertising and any services you require (lighting, heating, air conditioning). 

3. Is there a weight limit to be on the indoor trampoline park? 

Answer:The maximum bearing capacity for our trampoline is: static bearing, 600kg/sqm; dynamic bearing, 180kg/sqm.

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