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Trampoline Park Supplier For Children

Do some research and choose a suitable location where the young may gather, like commercial center, campus zone, sports center, etc. and the clear ceiling height of the building should be at least 5m.

Hangzhou Pokiddo Magic trampoline park is one of our largest franchise trampoline park in China. It's a high-end complex amusement park suited for kids and young adults. You will find all the most popular indoor fun games included, for example, funny trampoline boxing, thrilling jump tower, exciting donut slide, novel astroball climbing, etc. As you may know, now young people love to create videos and share on social networks, especially video sharing like tik tok, etc. Pokiddo magic therefore becomes a “internet sensation" trampoline park choice for friends gathering.


Q: What projects are included in a trampoline park?

A: Popular trampoline parks include climbing walls, parkour areas, dunk areas, sponge pool, Russian turntable, super slide, indoor playground, maze hive, etc. Of course, the main area is trampoline area.

Q: How is the business of the trampoline Park? Is there a slack season?

A: The Trampoline Park is a very popular indoor sports and leisure space at home and abroad. It can adapt to the fun and hobbies of different customer groups. There are special trampoline projects for different exercise parts of the body. Therefore, there is no slack season or peak season for the trampoline park. It is popular all the time.

Q: What should I pay attention to when set up a trampoline park?

A: You need to notice the location of indoor trampoline park and the selection of project equipment. Therefore, the market research in advance is a top priority. You need to analyze the target customer groups, customer flow and the business around the park.

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WhatsApp: +86 18257722600
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