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China Professional Trampoline Area With Foam Pit Dodgeball

After 5 years persistent efforts by 158 stuffs, Liben has built 300+ trampoline parks in 34 countries , total area is over 150,000sqm. Liben trampoline parks were all over the 7 continents except Antarctica, what a pity for Emperor Penguin.
Features: indoor soft playground, large ball pool, big crazy slides, trampoline park including free jumping zone, ninja course, dodgeball zone, cageball and foam pit trampoline.

China Professional Trampoline Area With Foam Pit Dodgeball

Indoor playground Customized for Any Space And Budget, Choose a Design, Requiest Pricing。It is Easy to Getting Started with Jiayuan Playground. Strict Safety Standards。2019 Hot Sale Playground Professional Installation Guide. Free Custom Designs.TUV, SGS, CE certified. Fast Delivery。Buy commercial quality trampoline park, jumping bed, high quality, lower prices. Timely Delivery。High Quality Lower Price。Can be Customized.

Kids indoor play

Item No: 5.LE.T3.702.181.00

Size: 29900*27700*6200mm

Capacity: 100-300

Aged for:3-12years

Features: kids indoor play

Playground Games

To be a popular indoor playground, you should have a good games planning and keep your games always in trend. Choose Liben, you will get reasonable game planning and 50+ new games choice!

FAQTrampoline Park

Q1: Do you have any requirements on the room size for Trampoline Park?

A1: Yes, we have. The room should be at least 5 meters height.

Q2: How about the business on Trampoline Park?

A2: Trampoline Park is a new and hot product. Now it has complete operation method in Australia, United State and United Kingdom. You can easily open and get benefits from it.

Q3: How to install Trampoline Park? And the time?

A3: After you placed the order, we can offer you an installation manual to instruct you how to make it together. And the time depends on the skillfulness of your worker. Usually one skillful man with three other men finish one Trampoline Park within one week.

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