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Professional Indoor Trampoline Park Amusement Place for Children

Trampoline park is a large indoor amusement space formed by various indoor and outdoor amusement projects.

Trampoline park  is a large amusement center for children and adults. The development of trampoline is made possible by such amusement equipment as shuttle climbing, net red grid, single-channel devil slide, grass slide, ninja road, Sticky music and rotary trampoline. All kinds of trampoline equipment produced by our company are made with professional details. From the design of each graffiti to the production of the whole product, it has gone through hundreds of experiments.

Professional Indoor Trampoline Park  Amusement Place for Children

Item No.: 5.LE.B2.910.251.00

Product Size: 2106 sqm

Material: Galvanized steel pipes, PP mats

Age Range: Above 5 years

Capacity: 80-100 person

Apply to: residential community, shopping malls, commercial parks, etc.


1. Can trampoline park be customized?

Answer: Yes, the trampoline park are customized to suitable your space.

2. How many games for choice?

Answer: Now we have more than 50 games for you to choose from, and we are constantly developing new games.

3. How about the installation?

Answer: We have professional installation manuals for your. And we can send our engineers to help you install the park.

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