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Colorful Children's Indoor Rock Climbing Facilities

Indoor rock climbing facilities provide a simulated climbing environment that helps children develop a wide range of skills and abilities. When climbing, kids must concentrate on their body movements and the next grips or holds they're about to grasp. This focus enhances their attention span and endurance, making them more attentive and less careless in everyday life.

Liben's indoor rock climbing facilitiesfor children offer a multi-faceted experience platform that not only enriches their physical activities but also helps shape their personal qualities in various aspects. As a full-body exercise, rock climbing encourages children to utilize their intelligence and physical strength to overcome set challenges, a process that is crucial in nurturing their perseverance.

Product Description

Model No.: LE.AA.A95.21.00

Age Range: 3-15 years old

Material: LLDPE,GalvanizedSteel,PE netting,EVA floor carpet

Climb and Play

During the climbing process, children learn how to plan, respond to unexpected situations, and adapt to constantly changing environments. These skills are not confined to physical activities; they can be transformed into problem-solving abilities in academic and everyday life. Through continuous trial and practice, children gradually build up their self-confidence. They learn to trust their abilities and bravely face various challenges in life.

Moreover, indoor rock climbing is also a social activity where children interact with other climbers, which helps enhance their communication skills and team spirit. They learn to respect others, wait for their turn, cheer for others' successes, and learn from the experiences of others.


ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS 18001, SGS certificate, we also got GS certificate from TUV company of Germany, and our product was tested, and meet EN1176 and ASTM standard.  

Safety is always the top priority at Liben's indoor rock climbing facilities. Professional coaches, reasonable difficulty design, and advanced safety equipment ensure that children can freely explore and challenge themselves in a safe environment. Parents can rest assured that their children can play and learn here, while the children harvest growth and courage amidst the fun of climbing.


Q: How can I install it after getting the kids outdoor rock climbing?

A: Before shipment, we will try to install the frame to make sure it can be set up,And we will attach some labels on  goods and mark the length of pipe for instruction.What’s more ,we will offer you the 3D installation instructionsome manufacturers can’t provide it  and teaching video.Our professional technician also can be sent to your site if you need,and we will sign an installation contract with you.

Q: What's the delivery time?

A: Average delivery time is 15-20 days,The actual delivery time depends on the size and quantity of design,also the complexity of production requirement.Payment date is another important factor influencing delivery time,because our company arrange production time according to the capacity schedule.The earlier you paid the earlier we can arrange the order.

Q: What's your advantage of your products?

A: We apply safer and durable raw materials to produce our made-up articles, our products have pasted the test and get the ISO, TUV certificate,EN-1176. And we also have the professional design team offer you the whole plan solution.

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