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Popular Trampoline Park With Big Foam Pit

Size: 28.5*28.5*5.5m
Capacity: 80-100
Similarly, trampoline parks offer a safe and high-flying space for kids and teens to exercise and release their energy. With endless rows of trampolines, foam pits, and challenging obstacles, trampoline parks provide a thrilling experience for children of all ages. Jumping on a trampoline can help improve balance, coordination, and core strength, and many trampoline parks offer games and activities that foster competition and teamwork.

Popular Trampoline Park With Big Foam Pit

The Standard and Hot Trampoline Inside Games Features are: free jumping trampoline, dodgeball trampoline, professional trampoline, foam pit trampoline with climbing wall and ninja course. 

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1. Metal Parts: galvanized steel pipe

2. Plastic Parts: LLDPE, roto-moulded

3. Soft Parts: plywood, sponge, PVC leather

4. Safety Net: PE

5. Clamp: cast iron or cast steel

6. Other: PVC pipe, plastic tie, etc.


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1. What’s the minimum height required?

Answer: The minimum height is 5 meters and the maximum height is no higher than 10 meters

2. What’s the price?

Answer: the price quoted according to the design and production requirements

3. Can we customize our own trampoline park?

Answer: Yes,all of our products can be customized.

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