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Roller Glider manufacturer from China

Roller Glider also called Zipline, it can be installed for indoor and outdoor.

Rollercoaster zipline is a simple but highly addictive thrill ride, giving the rider the unique sensation of flying, with the adrenaline rush of speed whilst swooping round bends.

With the acceleration of the pace of life and work, people's demand for novelty, stimulation and relaxation in daily rest and entertainment came into being. With the development of the domestic economy, high-altitude ziplines are also appearing in more and more scenic spots, resorts, and leisure parks. While making great profits for the scenic spots, ziplines have also brought a good reputation.

It's like a roller coaster and zip line combined into one. Whilst powered by gravity, it can accommodate people as small as 1.2m and as big as 110kg, so this includes children as well as adults.Liben Rollercoaster Zipline has been fitted into indoor and outdoor spaces and have been built as part of an overall attraction or even added to an existing space. It's literally a way to take your fun to new heights.

There are two types of Rollercoaster Zipline

1.Hanging on Truss * It requires flat concrete floor which could be fixed with expansion bolts

2. Hanging on ceiling * Min ceiling weight bearing: 300KGS / Sqm * Ceiling steel structure should be drillable.    

Roller Glider Design Drawing

Rollercoaster zipline basic information:

Item No.: 5.LE.HDD.01

Product Size: customized

Material: Galvanized steel pipes

Age Range: above 5 years old

Capacity Advice: 1

Roller Glider design with trampoline equipments


1.What ’s the minimum height required

Answer: the minimum height is 4 meters

2.What ’s the space requirement

Answer: the space need at least 180sqm

3.How long the track need to be

It is better to be longer than 35m to ensure the good experience of riding.

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